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    Podróżowanie jest ważną częścią tego, co robię. Daje mi siłę i zachowuje mnie zmotywowanym, ​​daje mi inną perspektywę patrzenia na świat i czas na zastanowienie się nad wieloma rzeczami. Wierzę, że bycie fotografem ślubnym jest bardzo ważnym zawodem. Jestem dumny, że mogę Wam zaprezentować kolejną wspaniałą historię zakochanych z Wysp Kanaryjskich.

Cieszę się, że mogłem poznać tę cudowną parę. 

   Czasami słowa nie są potrzebne, czasami słowa nie wystarczą. Zawsze mam nadzieję, że moje obrazy są wystarczająco dobre, by mówić same za siebie, i często mam szczęście, że pracuję z ludźmi i fotografuję momenty trudne do opisania.

   Kolejny piękny, gorący i słoneczny dzień na magicznej wyspie Lanzarote. Zapraszam Was do obejrzenia zdjęć i przeczytania Historii miłości Lenni & Dani! 

Lenni & Dani - Lanzarote Canary Islands

James Bay - US
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"  How start with our love story? Maybe for the fact that we been raised at the same island, with same age, under the same lifestyle, having some friends in common and living at ten minutes distance, but we’ve never saw each other untill that night on November 2011.


It was just an ordinary weekend, working as a bartender in that popular place that already hated. Wearing that black dress that I already wore for thousands of times just standing in my bar waiting for the crowd.


So it wasn’t busy at all yet when he arrived, surronded by five or six Friends more, people that for sure I knew but I didn’t pay any atention to them in that moment.


Is funny because it was his first time there and I knew it.


It would be impossible that i’ve seen him at least one time before and I couldn’t remember. "

"  In my mind was full questions by this time, meanwhile he was nearer and nearer to my bar with the two hands in his pockets talking with his Friends, I was ready for the first eye contact, standing steal behind the bar, almost holding my breathe, he was so close… almost there… Fail.


He just passed by me, and he didn’t even realize I was there, with my breathe taken. He got in at the bar next door, but knew it was just the beggining of the night, and I told to my self “ I’ll catch him later” Ha! "

"  Ok!! Night had begun, my bar was full of people some of them waiting to be served, who cares?


All his friends already ordering what they wanted to have to me, i wasn’t listenning again, because he was one meter way from me but he did’nt know about my existence yet, maybe he was looking to some another girl in that moment, what it was clear is that I had to take the first step.


  • Hey you!! (with my smoky eyed stuck in theirs)

  • Me?

  • Yes you… come over!!

  • Excuse me??

  • Dont you want anything to drink?

  • No I don’t, I don’t drink actually.

  • Ok!!  "

"  I took his Friends orders, while I was preparing the drinks with the five glasses in one of my hands, I couldn’t stop swearing. Of course you don’t drink, maybe you don’t like bartenders neather, but I’m going to change your mind… it became a challenge already.


  • Hey you… Come over again!!

  • Yes?

  • Whats your name so?

  • I’m Daniel

  • Pleased to meet you ( one Kiss in each cheek)


Took his friend’s money, went to the till, gave them change back… and he was there looking at me head to toes…


  • Excuse me!! But what’s is you name by the way?


(God save me! It was so evident that I got bit nervous…)


  • Ylenia, my name is Ylenia.


It was a funny situation, we laugh, and he left for a while.  "

"  About one hour later he came back again, this time he wasn’t a meter away from me, he was there, his friends ordering again, he staring at me…


  • And what about you? Do you want something this time?

  • Yes. I want you.

      (Oh man!! That is too fast!! I though)

  • Unfortunetly we just run out of that… Sorry!

I was totally dissapointed.

The night kept going busy, we didn’t see each other anymore. I was ready to go home and there he was, waiting for me.  "

"  We sat in that place that I had sat millions of times before since I was a child and chat enough to realize, it wasn’t just a physical atraccion.


I told him how I used to go fishing with my father, and how close to the ocean i’ve grown.


And that was the point that joined us from the beggining.  "

"  There wasn’t a thing that I didn`t like about him.


We didn’t kiss, we didn’t touch each other, we just listened how perfect it seams two strangers who knew each other deeply without knowing how.


As my dad says, the better dishes are cooked in slow fire.  "

"  A week after, there we were, in front of the sea on a lonely beach watching the sunset. He picked me up in his White surfer van and took me to that place, with two tortilla sandwiches as he promised me.


And after this day, every sunday for more than two months…  "

"  Thats how we were cooked, at slow fire.


After a few month, we were a solid couple, but hard times were comming.

I left the island to finish my formation and it took me three long years.

The distance wanted to be part of our relationship.


But we did it.


There was always a cheap flight to take, a long weekend to enjoy together, chritsmas and summer holydays… always a countdown was on.


Nobody gave credit on us then.


That time of missing each other, seems so far now. After those three years we never spent more than two days separated.


We were stronger every time.  "

"  So Australia came to our minds.


It was a Dani’s idea but I loved it from the first second.

We packed up our belonggins and took the plane to down under!

Crazy huh?


We went for one year and stayed for two. Oh man! Beeing so far from everyone you know is really hard. But no matter, where we are together feels like home. That was the vital experience we need to live to apreciatte everything we had.


To foreigners in the other side of the earth.


We became one.


And Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapur made their part too.  "

"  And here we are now, we arrived to Lanzarote with less luggage but more surfboards, less fears and more memories to tell, less dreams to become true but some new of them.


And last but not least… being three instead of two.


And now back home, we are very excited to raise up a little one with the same lifestyle we did, the first thing that joined us:


"A life by the ocean"  "

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